Monetise your app in an ethical manner with our easy-to-implement, configurable location SDK. Our SDK comes with an integrated Consent Management Platform, QCMP, that helps you secure your revenue stream without worrying about data privacy compliance.

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Location data presents a myriad of opportunities for business owners. Understanding the movement patterns of customers help businesses effectively promote their products and services at the right place, at the right time. One of the ways Quadrant gathers mobile location data is through app publishers, who install our SDK. This helps us collect mobile location data and grow our data volumes. n turn, our app publisher partners generate passive income by becoming data suppliers.

Quadrant’s monetisation SDK is an easy-to-use tool to diversify your revenue streams. Our location data SDK can be installed into your apps with minimal hassle, establishing a sustainable revenue source for your business. The best part, you can generate a passive income while allowing your users to use the app without ads – though in-app ads still remain available as additional options.

User Analytics

Get access to an exclusive dashboard that provides deep insights into the behavior of your users, reducing churn and helping you retain users.


Stay compliant with the applicable data privacy laws and consent conditions around the use, collection, and disclosure, of user data.

Easy Integration

Our SDK is engineered to be lightweight, with minimal impact on battery life and user experience. It can be implemented in as little as five minutes.

Data we Collect

Google AD-ID / Apple IDFA, User-Agent (Device Type, OSs), Latitude, Longitude, Country Code, Timestamp, Horizontal Accuracy

SDK Size

Android - 118 KB | iOS - 726 KB

Integration Options

Direct integration into your application, or alternatively share location data with us via an AWS S3 bucket.

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