Our SDK comes with an integrated and free Consent Management Platform, QCMP, securing your revenue stream without worrying about compliance. Quadrant Consent Management Platform (QCMP) is a fully-featured CMP tailored to mobile application publishers and developers. It covers the entire user consent lifecycle. QCMP is certified by the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework and ensures fair collection and usage of consumer data.

In QCMP, each consent interaction is recorded on an immutable blockchain, ensuring that you are always audit-ready. The best part: QCMP can be added with only a few lines of code into an Android or iOS application, saving time, costs, and effort.

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IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau - an advertising business organization that develops industry standards, conducts research and provides legal support for the online advertising industry


A GDPR consent solution provided by IAB Europe. It consists of technical Specifications and Policies for the digital sector that assist companies that participate in or rely on the use of cookies or other tracking technologies, the creation of or use of profiles for personalized advertising and content, ad or content measurement, using panel-based audience insights, improving their products and services or developing new ones, preventing fraud and maintaining security, and delivering ads or content over the internet, to meet transparency and user choice requirements found in EU privacy and data protection laws such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive (ePD).

The TCF consists of:

- A registry of vendors called the Global Vendor List (GVL), which digital property operators, such as publishers, can use to see whether the vendors they work with participate in the TCF, the purposes for which they process personal data, and the legal bases on which they do so, as well as any features they use, as well as a link to their privacy policy

- A list of consent management providers (CMPs) that can work with digital property operators

- Policies and terms & conditions underlying:

a. Vendor registration on the GVL

b. The disclosures to be made about vendors included on the GVL

c. Use of the technical standards by publishers and vendors on the GVL

d. Responding to technical signals received

e. How to handle user data

- Technical standards covering:

a. Retrieval of information from the GVL about the vendors it works with to disclose that information to a publisher’s users

b. Capturing, storing, and retrieving a user’s choice about each vendor and purpose


CMP - Consent Management Platform - is a company or organization that centralizes and manages transparency for the consent and objection of the users of a website. The CMP can read and update the legal basis of a company that participates in the delivery of digital advertising (commonly referred to as a vendor) within a publisher’s website, app, or other digital content. Vendors declare their legal basis and purpose for accessing a user’s device or browser or processing their personal data in the Global Vendor List (GVL).

The CMP specifically performs the following:

- Provides users with transparency into the vendors that a publisher has chosen to work with;

- Provides transparency into the purposes and legal basis that a vendor wishes to leverage

- Store a user’s consent signals, for example, a third-party cookie, in the user’s browser and make consent information available to vendors in the TCF v2.0 TC String;

- Ensure that consent for a purpose applies only to the vendors that have declared, via the GVL, that they use data for that purpose


- Provides the technical specifications that enable CMPs to capture, store and signal consent in an industry-standard manner

- Enables CMPs to receive global consents obtained by other publishers and CMPs

- Records which vendors are operating in the TCF and the purposes that they wish to process personal data for, so that the user interface can be updated and users informed accordingly

- Informs CMPs when vendors use legitimate interest or consent as a legal basis for processing personal data for a given purpose so that users can be informed accordingly.



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