Power your analyses with our authentic location data and location-based business solutions. We provide 6 billion mobile location data events per day from 400+ million devices across 219 countries., helping you perform sophisticated analyses and derive actionable intelligence.


- High-quality mobile location data, allowing you to build fit-for-purpose data feeds that meet your business needs.

- Data gathered directly from mobile device OS, via a privacy and consent compliant Location SDK 

- Offering the broadest and deepest panel of raw location data signals globally

- Coverage in over 200 countries, with 400+ million unique devices and 40+ billion events per month

- Proprietary Data Noise Filtering Algorithm, to clean and prepare data to minimise pre-processing work for you.

- Data feeds are available from as large as the globe to a specific as a Polygon, delivered as frequently as five minutes

- Leveraging proprietary blockchain technology to verify data to the source along with in-house data authentication

- Filtering, segmenting, and customising the data based on your criteria to address your specific use case


- Great results need stellar data! Data quality is subjective to the business use you get the data with quality specific to your needs our suite of quality metrics provides a quick overview prior to running full evaluation analysis.


- Quadrant works with the applicable privacy laws in connection with the use, collection, and disclosure, including required consumer consent and opt-out provisions. We work with governmental and regulatory bodies to be up to date on the ever-changing data privacy laws and regulations.


- We cover over 10 distinct location data attributes our internal completeness scoring system provides a quick snapshot of the information you need.

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Location data can be used by retailers for visitation analytics to understand outlet visits and store benchmarking. Cities and developers use location data for urban planning and to build people-centric urban places. Governments may use location data to understand traffic flows, plan and monitor public services, and more.                     

- Advertising and marketing campaign targeting

- Attribution and Point-of-Interest analysis

- Location-based audience segmentation

- Business performance and macro-economic forecasting

- Competition mapping and performance assessment

- Consumer behaviour and movement patterns analysis

- Monitoring urban mobility and infrastructure usage

- Research for educational and reporting purposes

Our online suite of quality metrics provides you with access to an overview prior to running a full evaluation.

To evaluate sample location data for purchase contact our data consultants