Enrich your geospatial applications with a contextual layer of comprehensive and actionable information on landmarks, key features, business areas, and many more granular, on-demand attributes. Using our advanced data acquisition techniques, we build and offer tailormade POI datasets. Combined with our expertise in location data solutions, we can be a holistic data partner for our customers. Our POI database is powered by our proprietary POI collection and verification platform, Geolancer, which provides manually verified, authentic, accurate, and up-to-date POI datasets across APAC and goals of global expansion.


- Our proprietary, industry-leading manual verification platform Geolancer delivers up-to-date, authentic data points

- POI-as-a-Service with coverage in APAC and ANZ, with on-demand verification and collection

- Customise your feed by specific refresh rate, location, country, category, and brand based on your specific needs

- Data Noise Filtering Algorithms normalise and de-dupe POI data that is ready for analysis with minimal preparation


Quadrant’s POI data are manually collected and verified by Geolancers. Our network of freelancers, maps cities and neighborhoods adding and updating POIs on our proprietary app Geolancer on their smartphone. Compared to other methods, this process guarantees accuracy and promises a healthy stream of POI data. This method of data collection also steers clear of infringement on users’ privacy and sale of their location data. These purpose-built apps do not store, collect, or share any data other than the physical location (without tying context back to an actual human being and their mobile device). 


The main goal of POI data is to identify a place of interest, establish its accurate location, and help businesses understand the happenings around that place to make better, well-informed decisions. POI can be essential in assessing competition, improving operational efficiency, planning the expansion of your business, and more. 

It can be used by businesses to power their apps and platforms for last-mile delivery, navigation, mapping, logistics, and more. Combined with mobility data, POI data can be employed by retail outlets to monitor traffic to one of their sites or of their competitors. Logistics businesses can save costs and improve customer experience with accurate address data. Real estate companies use POI data for site selection and project planning based on market potential. Governments can use POI data to enforce regulations, monitor public health and well-being, plan public infrastructure and services, and more.  A few common and widespread use cases of POI data are:  

- Navigation and mapping for digital marketplaces and apps.
- Logistics for online shopping, food delivery, last-mile delivery, and more.
- Improving operational efficiency for rideshare and transportation platforms.
- Demographic and human mobility studies for market consumption and competitive analysis.
- Market assessment, site selection, and business expansion.
- Disaster management and urban mapping for public welfare.
- Advertising and marketing deployment and ROI assessment. 
- Real-estate mapping for online sales and renting platforms.About Geolancer


Quadrant's POI-as-a-Service is powered by Geolancer, our industry-leading manual verification project. Geolancers, equipped with a smartphone running our proprietary app, manually add and verify POI data points, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. Geolancer helps data buyers acquire data with the update frequency suited for their specific use case.

To evaluate POI data or to verify existing POI datasets contact our POI consultants