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Quadrant is an industry leading location data provider for analytics and data products.

  - Offering the broadest and deepest panel of raw location data signals on a global basis
  - Data compiled via SDK direct from the mobile device operating system
  - Data analysed and mapped to deliver fit-for-purpose data feeds that meet client-specific criteria
  - Proprietary blockchain technology leveraged to verify data to the source
  - Offices located in Singapore, United States, Indonesia, and Europe

Q: How many individuals are currently employed by your company?

     - Twenty-five (25) and continuing to hire

Q: How many years has your company operated a business that provides data to clients?

     - The company was founded and began raw data sales operations in 2014

Q: What service(s) are you providing?

     - Raw Location Data. Either unfiltered or filtered to meet specific Client criteria

Q: How is the data is collected (e.g. data entry fields completed by user, cell tower triangulation, reverse IP lookup, mobile SDKs, bidstream, etc.)?

     - All data (GPS) is collected direct from the mobile device via SDKs

Q: What are the jurisdictions for which you provide services?

  •      - Global coverage panel
  •      - Can be limited to specific regions or countries based on client criteria

Q: What is a general description of the data?

     - All data provided is raw location event (GPS) activity generated via mobile device
     - No individual identified data, such as name, address, or phone number, is provided
     - Data can be delivered either unfiltered or filtered to meet specific client criteria
     - Please refer to Data Dictionary 

Q: What hygiene do you perform on the data?

     - The data has not, nor does not, undergo any transformational changes unless specifically requested by the client
     - We do perform data cleansing to check for malformed data, proper timestamps, legitimate locations, duplicate events, etc.
     - We also run various algorithms including noise reduction and geohash assignment

Q: What are the data protection laws to which your firm is subject?

    - We work with the applicable privacy laws in connection with the use, collection and disclosure, including required consumer consent and opt-out provisions covering location data
    - We work with governmental and regulatory bodies to ensure we are up to date on the ever-changing laws and regulations

Q: Are you the original source of the data underlying the products or services provided?

     - Yes, for Publishers with integration of the Quadrant SDK or a direct server-to-server setup
     - No, for Publishers with integration of a partner SDK
     - We work on a direct basis with Publishers and Application Developers / Platforms to secure the data

Q: What is the process by which the data was / will be collected, generated or derived?

     - SDK. All GPS location data is secured direct from the mobile device operating system based on either time (frequency) or movement (change in position)

Q: Has the data undergone any transformation (for example, anonymisation) or is provided in its native form?

     - No. The data has not, nor does not, undergo any transformational changes unless specifically requested by the client. For example, if a client requests that all data be hashed as per SHA-256, we will accommodate and deliver accordingly

Q: How is the final dataset or product packaged and presented to the client?

     - Please see Data Feed Schema and Example

Q: What is the data delivery mechanism and frequency of the data to clients?

     - Data is usually delivered in one of the following formats:
        - S3-S3 Data push from Quadrant
        - S3-S3 Data pull from Quadrant

Q: What is the data delivery frequency?

     - Data delivery can be adjusted to accommodate client-specific requirements
     - Full unfiltered feed can be delivered as frequently as every 5 minutes
     - Filtered feed delivered based on client criteria including: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly

Q: Do you provide any tools to allow for utilization of the data?

     - Yes. Please see Location Data Algorithms – tools developed by the Quadrant Data Science team to assist partners with leveraging and using the location data

Q: Is a privacy policy referenced during the collection of data?

    - Yes, the privacy policy is referenced and available during the user opt-in. Apps obtain opt-in consent directly from users – usually during the first use launch

Q: Do you have obtained consent to use an individual’s data?

    - Apps obtain opt-in consent directly from users – usually during the first use launch. We will be migrating over to the IAB TCF in Q1 2020

Q: Is there a mechanism by which the individual can exercise choice to “opt-out” or prevent transfer of their data to third parties?

     - Opt-out is available both at the app level as well as on our website

Q: What steps are taken to ensure that your partners are legally entitled to sell the data to you so that you can in turn provide it to us?

     - Contractual relationships with all data partners and privacy policy audits