Q: How do I run a Geohash query?

- Based on your programming language, there are many libraries available that can be used to create Geohash: Python | Nodejs | Java | Visual

  • Q: How can the algorithms be accessed?

- We provide access via GitHub repository. Smaller file sizes can also be sent via email.

  • Q: Can the algorithms be utilized/applied in any country/region?

- Yes. The queries are tailored for location data and can be utilized irrespective of the location of the POI model. Customers can use their own POI database to train the model or can procure data from Quadrant (for select regions). We can assist them in tweaking the codes to fit their model if needed.

  • Q: Can a timeframe be specified for the queries?

- Yes. A timeframe could be added to the queries. We can set timeframe constraints like minimum and maximum. Depending upon how the files and formats are structured within the client’s premise, the query can work or might throw errors. For e.g. Running queries on one specific day would be easy but running one query on 2 months data might throw an error.

  • Q: Is a demonstration available of how they are used in concert with our data?

- We are available to participate in both discussion and training calls as necessary.