Quadrant is a global leader in mobile location data, point-of-interest (POI) data, and corresponding compliance services. We map and authenticate geospatial data so our customers and partners can leverage reliable and authentic information to derive actionable insights and solve real-world issues.


Quadrant provides location data and location-based business solutions that are fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use, and simple to organise. We offer data for 200 countries, with 400+ million unique devices and 40+ billion events per month, allowing you to perform location analytics and derive location-based intelligence. Unlike most data providers we have extensive coverage in some of the most underserved areas of the world. We derive our location data only from reliable mobile app SDK that helps us deliver a healthy and consistent data stream to our customers and partners.


Our POI data provides your geospatial applications with a contextual layer of comprehensive and actionable information of landmarks, key features, business areas, and more. Our POI database is powered by our proprietary POI collection and verification app, Geolancer. We maintain manually verified, highly authentic, accurate, and up-to-date datasets and can also verify existing datasets on-demand.


Quadrant allows app publishers to monetize their apps while staying compliant with data privacy requirements and laws. Our Consent Management Platform (QCMP) is a turnkey compliance solution for mobile applications. It manages the entire lifecycle of user consent ensuring that users’ data is collected and processed ethically. QCMP is certified by the IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework V2 and provides an immutable Blockchain ledger of consent activity for compliance audits.

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